Yo what's up with wilderness fam. As a new hunter we want to venture into a more complicated style of hunting. The over night hunt, where you bring a few pounds of gear to glass and hunt some land. You really don't need expensive gear to take with you on an overnight hunting trip. most of my gear is bellow 200 bucks not counting the gun.

THE TENT, the tent is the most important item to have when hunting. It creates more security for me when out in the back country hunting. It help with three thing for me protection, comfort, energy. This tent protects me from the bad weather, bugs (especially ticks). I have no clue why it makes me fe secured, Its just one of those things that does. Comfort is the second thing that this tent brings to me. Comfort especially when hunting is probably one of the most important things to have in the back country. How does a tent give me energy? well let's remember taking naps and sleeping at night helps restore my energy especially in a tent, which keeps you warm throughout the cold nights. Trust me you need a tent when being in the back country.

The Boots I wear for hunting are the rocky mens hunting boots it has a 1000 grain thermal which helps keep my feet warm. Probably one of the most comfortable boots I have worn for hunting. I have done a lot of hunting in rain and never have I felt water inside my boots.

This is something I carry in my back pack for every season use. Helps to keep warm and be placed on the ground to take a nap. Also is use this a lot as a tarp for shade . I never leave the house without that.

I also like to carry a shovel, a solar light so it self recharges with sun light. and a portable solar charger to charge my phone, yes there is no signal in the back country but I do like to use my one which still works with out any signal on your phone.

I also carry emergency thermal mylar blankets for emergency use. Especially when hunting new land that I have never been on. This helps a lot when you are in your sleeping bag and its gets colder than what you expected. I normally just use this and keeps me pretty damn warm throughout the night. I would rather be prepared for bad situation than suffer.

I as well use a propane gas stove, which is light weight and does not take up too much space in your backpack. I like to travel with the essential but not heavy. I also use a lodge cast iron pan for cooking and a Coleman compact cooking pans and utensils.

pretty awesome and comes with a pot, spatula and spoon, two plates. really compact and awesome to carry with you. I use this a lot to brew my coffee and cook some dehydrated pasta that I dehydrated myself.

Last but not least is hydration, the big H2O! I like to use a camelback and metal water bottle. I use the camel back for easy hydration while having the pack on my back and not having to take look for my water bottle in my pack. I use my water bottle more at night when Im in my tent. I also carry a purification system for a just incase emergency. That is what I carry in my hunting packs.

Well y'all go out there and be Wild in the wild.

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