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Yo whats up Wilderness Folks, as of today I bought my domain and going to be uploading every Monday. When I can’t hunt or fish or be in the outdoors. I tend to bring the outdoor to me from anywhere I am at. Since July I have been raising five cutornix quails. I have 4 hens and one male. Once august came I had my first quail egg, since then they have been laying everyday. These quails are low maintenance, food is cheap and they are extremely quiet. My main concern was finding a bird that lays eggs that is quite. I live in a residential area and have been wanting quail for a while. I ended up get by quails from a bread a few miles up the road from my home. I had no clue what I was doing but I did get in the swing of thing within the first few days. I did search up a lot of videos and article before I got the birds. I wanted to prep my self to raise quails.

The quail coup I got was off amazon and I did upgraded. I added some bottom wire and raised the coup. I also raised the coup of the ground and added a poop collection tray. the reason I added that is so I can have a manure pill that is use for my Garden and front yard for the grass.

I do like quail manure and I believe works better then cow manure, but that's my opinion. I do use the eggs for breakfast and the shells for my manure and I also fead it back to the quails to help there calcium intake for stronger eggs.

What I feed my quail is 30% protein game at the beginning of the hatching period then after 2 months of hatching I give them 18 % to 20 % protein feed. I do give them fresh fruit and plants and seeds since they are Granivore.

they do enjoy eating mule warms as treats and watermelon.

I do use long feeders since quail love to play with their food and waist it completely. I also use a 5 liter water bowl/ tanks. I just use regular water no electrolytes since they eat well and have a variety of foods in their diet. Quails are absolutely one of the easiest bird to take care of and I highly recommend as a starting game bird. Y'all continue to be wild in the wild.

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