Cast Iron

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Yo welcome back to the wilderness blog. I will be going over how to clean and season your cast Iron. Most of all cast irons you buy come already seasoned. If you are not always satisfied with what a big machine does like me then Start from the basic of cleaning it.

I recently was gifted a cast iron by my wife for Christmas. it was a 6 in lodge cast iron. She gifted to me so I can use when I go hunting and don't have to carry my 12 in old mountain cast iron. Pretty awesome if I do say so my self. Going back to big machine production. I was not satisfied with how my new cast iron was seasoned. First thing first let's start of with what you need. You will need you cast iron. a controlled fire where you can dim the fire when needed. you will also need paper towels, a scrubbing brush meant for metal. last but not least you will need oil. I use vegetable oil since it helps more with the seasoning coat. I try not to use coconut oil, avocado oil or olive oil since that actually breaks down the seasoning. first I wash the cast iron with water and a brush. once that is done I move on to the next step, I start to dry the excess water left on the cast iron. I place it on the stove and I start the seasoning process. I add about a teaspoon to the pan and start to spread all over, don't forget the handle. You want to keep everything well kept and preserve it from rusting. then I leave it on the fire until the pan starts to smoke. once the pan starts to smoke I turn off the stove allowing the cast iron to cool down. I continue the process over again, As many times as needed to your liking. I normally do it for a whole hour since I want to make sure the seasoning is well done and it is a new pan but if its my old mountain I normally do 10 minute season sessions every Monday or after being used. Now I am aware that there is different ways of seasoning your cast iron but this way is more beneficial to me on how to season and care for them. This is my video that goes over all those steps in my blog. see y'all next week keep wilding in the wilderness.

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