Dove season

The first season, That I can say started it all. Dove season was the start for wilderness bros. We took a copy of our license went to an ammo shop got some dove shells. It all started at 4 am when I called my brother and told him “hey get ready I’m on my way“.We only Lived about ten minutes away from each other. I picked him up we got to a honey hole i had been scouting for a few weeks. I was walking with a backpack that was gunna keep me alive for a whole month. I had so much packed for a 2 hour hunt. Beginners stress and dumb thinking of carrying so much. Instead of sitting and waiting we were walking in circles for a while no birds in sight. We did hear other hunters in the area having better luck then us. Mintues go by No luck we were so over that morning hunt we went back to the drawing board.


After hours of searching the web and buying some dove decoys we managed to go hunting the following weekend and setting up a perimeter for us to hunt. Within minutes we see bird coming at us. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! our first ever hunt has bee accomplished. Five gorgeous dove that day we got so hyped we went the next morning, we got an extra 3 down. An amazing feeling it was to finally succeed in the hunt. On that Sunday night we had all the breast of the birds we received during that hunt and made some dove and jalapeño poppers. Jalapeños where straight from the garden and the birds Straight from the wild. Never felt more proud of my self and brother for putting forth the effort to learn how to hunt and bring our own meals to the dinner table. All tiral and error but we never gave up and had a good time both days. Yall stay wild in the wild.


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