Keeping Warm during cold seasons.

You What’s up wilderness folks, the number one question we ask ourselves is what do we need to keep warm during a cold over night stay in the backcountry. Well that’s easy a damn heater and an Rv Maybe even a cabin. Well in reality when you do back country camping most of this stuff isn’t available.

lets get into a few things that will help with keeping warm.


The most common item I’ve seen people bring to keep warm is a certain degree sleeping bag. You would need to get a sleeping bag that fits the level of coldness for that trip. Make sure to always check the weather prior to going on your trip. The sleeping bag I use due to its warmth and light weight is the Coolzon.

a very light weight sleeping bag that keeps me warm and comfortable. The part where your head rests can be used to cover your head since it work like a hoodie. easy to pack away and easy to wash.


There are two ways to use water the most important is staying hydrated throughout the night. You need to prevent dehydration even in cold climate. The second way to keeping warm throughout the night is to warm up water and place it in a water bottle. I prefer to use plastic bottles since my metal water bottles keep the fluid warmer inside and doesn’t really radiate heat to the outside. i place warm warm water not to the point where it’s boiling. I do this technique since I do put those water bottles in my sleeping bag to keep my body warm. Normally they last for 6 to 8 hours Which is good enough sleep for me.


The tent I use is a 1 person camping Tent, the reasoning behind this is more room equals more cold air. I use this specific tent since it fit me and all my gear there still is Plenty of room to position yourself around and be comfortable. Last time I was in this tent my dog and I slept comfortably even with our hunting gear inside.

In order for you to keep warm you need to dress with the right clothing. YES! The whole enchilada from head to toe.

Now one thing I don’t like to use is an inflatable mattress. First and foremost it’s two damn big. Secondly the AIR mattress is filled with cool air causing air circulation under your body which causes a cool drift under you. They also are to heavy to carry around with you. You should use instead a wool blanket to keep a barrier between you and the ground.

Lastly the best way to keep warm during the cold winter nights is sleeping in layer. The layers you wear are what truly will keep you warm. Starts from thin to bulky and if you get hot throughout the night just remove a layer of clothing. Well that's all I got, y'all go be wilder in the wild.

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