The Off season

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Yo what’s up wilderness folks, as we all know the Major hunting seasons are over. The question we ask ourselves is what are we going to do in the mean time until a new season starts? That same question I ask myself on the last day of upland hunting, whats next? Well my thing is cooking unique recipes that use the wild game I hunt, not only that I like to scout new places especially since turkey season is just around the corner. My most favorite event to take my mind off things is fishing. I do a lot of canal fishing since the location where I live in California doesn’t really have many lakes close by. We do a lot of catfish fishing, most of the time we get common carp. Since Asian carp are an invasive species we normally do not release them back in. I enjoy the great tug a war common carp and catfish give me. Most of the time it becomes a waiting game when you reel out into the water. For me it’s the best time to strategize my next reel, next hunt, and ways of preparing a dish with the fish I’m about to catch. Your thoughts become endless when fishing. A lot of people when they start fishing for the first time ask me, what do I need to Catch a fish? Most people think they need a 300 dollar rod, over thousands of jigs to Catch a fish. In reality when I started fishing I bought a 20 dollars rod combo, was given a net for my birthday by a good friend of mine. Link of fishing rod

that's how I started and till this day I have not bought another fishing pole. Everyone has different definitions of fishing, but my definition is enjoying the wild and living through the moment. Sometimes you just have to kick back and take in the beauty of the scenery. You never know you might just see something that catches your eye.



  • This is more of a personal preference my favorite time to fish is when its 100 F*. The sun is beaming down on you will loosing all you're electrolytes. Between the hours10am and 2 pm is when I noticed more bites in this Californian season. As always more of a preference just find a honey hole and fish whenever you damn want. DON'T TREAD ON ME!


Trust me to catch a catfish just use spam and shrimp.

that's all, go be wild in the wilderness.



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