Quail hunting

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Man!, the ideology of quail hunting is to hunt the bird. Sometimes that gets hella hard when your ass can’t find the birds. Every season when you kill a quail it become a trophy. It become harder and harder to find, taking more time to scout then to hunt. The frustration starts when one day you see the damn bird, Then season come and you see no birds. Happened to me, during Dove season I saw a ton of quail in my honey hole. Quail season comes and I see no quail for a whole season. I had to get out of my comfort zone and scout for a new honey hole. Took me four different location to find a spot where I see birds and were able to hunt them. Started off pretty good, my hunting partner spotted them and I went down to the grassy about 4 feet high Area. Within secounds I heard the birds, they get flushed out of the grass and BAMN!! I have two birds down. Beautiful colors I shot down a female and a male. My partner had 2 other birds down. Within that day we saw More birds then what we hunted. We only got four birds out of that day. It was the last day of season ( January 31)all season long we were able to get just four birds. When I say this was a trophy I really do mean it. A long hunt but a very good hunt, just being out there changes you for the best. I prepped my self so much for quail season ,with having multiple calls for quails, more technology, more locations but most of all worth it. Made sure I was dressed appropriately for this winters hunt. I always make sure I have wool socks for hunting. Wool keeps me warmer and plays as a cushion for my feet. Then I put on my upland vest, to Hold my game birds and ammunition . Then I put on my boots (rocky hunting) boots. Probably one of the most supportive and comfortable shoes I have owned for hunting and hiking. I make sure to alway pack my bags, with ammo, samich, essentials to survive at least 3 days. just in case something happens When your out hunting. Then I Communication to my hunting buddy about the land, how are we going To strategies how we are going to hunt. Then it comes to the day of setting your alarm for the next morning To get up for a day of chasing quail. BAMN!!! Your up. morning, quail get very hungry and scavenge for food. That makes it the best time to hunt quail. We set out and BOOM you got your self some. Best feeling you get knowing you soon will be taking meat home. What I like to do once I have quails down I check the crop to see what the bird is consuming. The crop is the lower part of the quails esophagus.

That helps me identify what type of plant they are eating and when I’m scouting to find that certain plant. I like to see also where there is a location of water and how far it is. Water also determines the survival of the quail in that location. Normally I get a quail call from amazon to help me call out quail, which surprisingly work. Then off you go with these essential for quail hunting, you will have some luck in your hunt.

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